Toronto Property Management

The Annex Property Group Ltd. Advantage

We know that you are concerned with potential changes in the value of your property and are looking for the best return on your investment. We'll assist you in making long and short-term management decisions based on the economic profile and future prospects of the area in which your property is located. Our knowledge of the structure of the city and the municipal process will help you make informed management decisions about your property.


High ROI

Annex Property Group Ltd. offers free consultation appointments in which we'll discuss your management needs and develop a customized management agreement especially for you! You'll receive professional advise on:


Lower Insurance Premiums and Taxes

Recognized brokers will compete for the insurance premium on your property. Annex Property Group Ltd. will show you how to gain substantial savings on your insurance premium. We'll also investigate the tax expense for your property and push for reassessment where warranted - we have reduced taxes by as much as 33% in properties we currently manage.

Energy Efficiency Pays

A comprehensive maintenance plan is essential to tenant satisfaction and energy efficiency. We have successfully reduced our client's energy costs up to 50% since taking on their accounts. We'll work with you to ensure your property is in compliance with federal, provincial and municipal statutes. We keep your costs down because we own the necessary equipment and vehicles to keep your property well maintained.


Tenant Retention and Satisfaction

We recognize that satisfied tenants are important to the maintenance of any property and your bottom line. Goodwill can be easily developed with open communication. We have found that a proactive approach to tenant relations helps us keep retention up while keeping costs down.Before you make a property management decision talk to one of our experienced consultants!
We'd be happy to discuss specifics based on the property you own.